“5th Annual Thanksgiving Open” 2-day tournament, 11/27 – 11/28


$1450 Guaranteed prizes! 3 sections: Open, U1800, U1400. 5 rounds, G/90, d/5. Saturday rounds: 10AM-2PM-6PM, Sunday rounds: 10AM-2PM. $65 CCSCATL members, $75 non-members early registration.

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G/90 d/5, 5 rounds.
3 sections: Open, U1800, U1400.
Saturday rounds: 10AM-2PM-6PM, Sunday rounds: 10AM-2PM.

Half point byes available for any round, must request before the start of round 2! US Chess rated and required.  To join US Chess: https://new.uschess.org/become-member

Players may play in next higher section if within 100 points of that section. Unrated players should play in U1400 section unless given an exception by the TD. Players who register for an incorrect section will be placed in the appropriate section based on their rating.

Go to https://atlchessclub.com/pre-registered-player-lists/ to see a pre-registered list of players. Registration 8:30am-9:30am in person the day of the event, or call (678) 628-5615 by the day before the event to register by phone.

Entry Fee – $65 CCSCATL members,  $75 non-members early registration.  $5 additional fee will be charged for same day registration. GMs, IMs, and WGMs receive free entry. No deductions from prize! Moms of players registered in the tournament play FREE (you purchase US Chess membership, no tournament entry fee)!

$1450 total prizes Guaranteed
Open Section prizes: 1st -$400, 2nd -$150, 3rd-$75. 1st U2000-$75
U1800 Section prizes: 1st-$225, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$50, 1st U1600-$50
U1400 Section prizes: 1st-$165, 2nd-$80, 3rd-$40, 1st U1000/Unr -$40

Location: Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta, 2500 Old Alabama Rd., Suite 11, Roswell, GA 30076

Call (678) 628-5615 or email karen@atlchessclub.com for more info. Sets and clocks provided for all events!!