Ben’s Blog — By GM Ben Finegold

September 9 was an exciting day in the history of Atlanta chess!  We were very excited, after almost a year of planning, to open the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta.  The Chess Center was co-founded by my wife, Karen, and me, after many months of hard work.

We were pleasantly surprised that our inaugural blitz tournament had 74 entries, more than twice as many as expected.  The blitz was won by Ben …..  Moon!  It’s all about the Benjamins at our Chess Center! About 40 others showed up to watch, see the new Chess Center, and eat pizza!  We ended up ordering 48 pizzas, 72 wings, 100 bread sticks, and 150 cookies for our guests!

The Grand Opening was successful beyond our wildest dreams!  We have posted over 100 pictures on the website, under the “News” category.  You can find blogs and photos under “News” and see what’s going on here at the CCSCATL.




  • Hi Ben and Karen

    I’m an amateur chess player, and I’ve been enjoying Ben’s chess videos (and unique sense of humour) on YouTube for several months now. One of the fantastic things about the internet is that people can join you from anywhere – in my case from Australia.

    Thanks for your tireless efforts to promote the game of chess.

    The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta is off to a great start (“48 pizzas, 72 wings, 100 bread sticks, and 150 cookies”) and I’m sure global chess domination is just around the corner!

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